Bout Wi Shap

Wha Gwaan?

Welcom to wi shap.  Wi glad fe si yuh. Wi mek dis shap pon Amazon to mek it easi fi fine wi tings. Yuh dun know sey wi likke de bes - so Amazon is de bes fi put up wi shap pon. Amazon safe and yuh noe yuh gwaan get yuh tings dem.

Wi sel everyting wid “Jamaica” Pon it - Books, music, garments, shoes, hats, bags, jewellery, Olympic Gears, Jamaican Flags, Food, cell fone cova.  Even if it nuh have "Jamaica" write pon it,  wi sel it, IF it cum from Yaad. Tings like Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Pimento Leaves (yes! We sel dat too).



Wi jus add a new section SPIRITUAL / RELIGIOUS (a suggestion fram wi custamaz). Tanks fi yuh feedback. Please click dis link fe visit

Wi also sell NICE tings dat Yardies like too. Tings like gud bran electronixs - Laptaps,  camaras , tablets. Phones, TV and nuff more…..

Tek a basket and pick up whey you want.  Some af de tings dem kinda ration,  so pick dem up quick before dem dun.  Every week wi put out more tings so you hafi come back again.  Wi hav Facebook so “Like” wi fi get earli notis wen we put out new tings.

Wen yuh dun shap – tek you basket and pay Amazon. Everyting dun by Amazon. If yuh hav prablem wid yuh ada - contac Amazon one-a-way,  a dem Run Tings fe wi!

Lisen nuh!  yuh caan  stil chat wid wi yuh noe?  Jus click de “contact Us” link up tap.  Wi wud luv to hear fram yu. Wi waan noe whey yuh tink bout de shap. 

Wi waan yuh tel wi wat ada tings we fe put ina de shap (HINT: It hafi deh pon  Amazon). 


 If yuh a Yardie an yuh hav tings pon Amazon a sel – pint out yuh tings – wi will stack it pon wi shelf.  “One han caan clap – de hole a wi hafi eat!

Tank yuh

Walk Gud.



Hello and Welcome to our Shop. 

We are glad to see you. We created this shop on Amazon to make it easy for you to find our Jamaican products.  You are aware that we [Jamaicans] like the best, therefore, Amazon is the best place [in our view] to create our shop. Amazon is safe and guarantees that you will receive your purchases.

We sell all items with Jamaica written on it such as Books, music, garments, shoes, hats, bags, jewellery, Olympic Gears, Jamaican Flags, Food, cell Phone cover.  Even if some of our items do not have "Jamaica" written on them we still carry them as long as they are "Products of Jamaica" - items like Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Pimento Leaves (yes we carry that too).


We have added a new section SPIRITUAL / RELIGIOUS (a suggestion from our customers). Thanks for your feedback. Please click this link to visit the see the new items -

We also sell great quality products that Jamaican like as well.  Things like high-end electronics such as Laptops, cameras, tablets, Phones, Televisions and lots more.

Currently, we are starting off with Olympic Items (we are a bit late entering the market - but nevertheless, Amazon will deliver your items quickly so need to worry) check out our Olympic Gears and Support Team Jamaica.

Take a shopping cart and select the items you require.  Some of our items are in limited quantities, therefore we suggest that you purchase them before they are sold out.  Every week we add new items so please return frequently. We have Facebook Page so please like us in order to get early notification when we have new stock available.

All Purchases are cashed out on Amazon.  All aspects of your transaction are done by Amazon.  If you have a problem - please contact Amazon directly - they are responsible for ALL our customer service.

You can still contact us directly by clicking on the “Contact Us”  link above. We would love to hear from you and what you think of our shop.  We also welcome suggestions for products (HINT: It has to be on Amazon).


If you are a Jamaican who sells products on Amazon – please inform us of your products and we will stock in in our Shop.  Proverb: “One hand cannot clap” – we support each other!


Thank you for shopping with us today and have a great day.