Wha gwaan!

Welcom to wi shap.  Wi Glad fe si yuh. Wi mek dis shap pon Amazon to mek it easi fi fine wi tings. Yuh dun know sey wi likke de bes - so Amazon is de bes fi put up wi shap pon. Amazon safe and yuh know yuh gwaan get yuh tings dem.

Tek a baskit and pick up whey yuh want.  Sum af de tings dem kinda ration,  so pick dem up quick before dem dun.  Every week wi put out more tings so you hafi come back again.  Wi have Facebook so “Like” us fi get early notis when we put new tings.

When yuh dun shap – tek you baskit and pay Amazon. Everyting dun by Amazon. If yuh hav any problem - contac Amazon one-a-way,  a dem Run tings fe wi!

Tank yuh and Walk Good.

Please see translation at end of page.